Take action against school vouchers in Wisconsin

EDITORIAL: Wait. Who gets voucher help?

Even pro-voucher editorial boards in Wisconsin are questioning who will be getting taxpayer-subsidized voucher assistance. (Beloit Daily News)

Over 99.93% of Public School Students Remaining in Public Schools After Statewide Expansion of Private School Voucher Program

It is obvious that the expanded voucher program was not meant to help struggling students. Instead, it is proving to be nothing more than an expensive taxpayer subsidy for private school students. (One Wisconsin Now)

Voucher program proves to be taxpayer subsidy for parents already sending their children to private schools–76% of applicants did not attend public schools in Wisconsin.

Most Students Applying for Voucher Program Attend Private Schools (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Most Students Applying To Voucher Program Already Attend Private Schools

Local Schools Admitted To Expanded Voucher Program (Green Bay WBAY)


What can I do about it?

It’s vital to let your legislators know that we should be supporting our public schools and not diverting more taxpayer dollars to private voucher schools. Even though the plan to expand taxpayer-funded private voucher schools to every district in Wisconsin has passed, the fight is not over.  In the next budget the school privatization forces will try to take off the limits on the program.  Send a message to your legislators, sign the petition, write a letter to the editor! Take action now.

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