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The GOP-led Legislature’s newest phase of attack on public education? Diluting teacher licensing standards. “The proposal added to the budget last week would allow anyone with relevant experience” to be licensed to teach non-core academic subjects in grades six through 12″ – which would make it the first state in the nation to do so.

While Republican legislators are busy patting themselves on the back for “restoring” education cuts, educators are speaking out about the $48 million in taxpayer dollars that their plan is going to take from public schools to fund private school tuition.

After the largest cuts to public education in the nation, GOP leaders are now proposing to take an additional $50 million out of public school classrooms to increase subsidies for private schools. Say NO to Voucher expansion and privatization of our public schools. Call your legislator now.

Rural schools are struggling in Wisconsin. Expanding vouchers and private charters will only take more resources away from rural school districts that are already under financial strain.

Conservative, pro-charter school think tank admits that private charter schools do not do a better job of educating students than public schools. Then why would are Governor Walker and Republican legislators proposing to take money away from Wisconsin public schools to expand the role of private charter schools in Wisconsin?

Low student performance. Voucher school operator salary of $218,000 with multiple family members on the payroll. $35 Million in taxpayer funding. Had enough? Take action and Say NO to Vouchers.